Tuesday, 6 November 2012

36 Views of Mount Fuji

I was watching Fight Club the other day, for the mazillionth time. There's a quote that stuck with me, like every time I watch it. This time it was "I say, never be complete".

It is a saying I have adopted recently, an explanation for my curiosity, an excuse for the fact that I never finish any projects.

I never want to say "there's nothing to do" ever again. There is always something new to learn, or something to improve.

Life is like water. It needs to flow to stay healthy, gracious, threatening.

Once it gains enough momentum and strenght, there is little force on earth that can stop it.

If it meets opposition, the constant push and grind will eventually shape its obstacle in its favour.

Once it stops moving, it becomes stagnant.

A spring turns into a pond. A pond turns ino a swamp. New life may breed from that swamp, but have you ever wanted to swim in one?

Once stagnant, you cannot drink from it anymore. It cannot nurish you.

My love for the ocean probably comes from those yearly family trips we would take, going to Cape May. The rhytmic, almost musical sound of waves breaking. It's endlessness.

The certainty of waves, that a new one will always come to break on the shore, has always been soothing to me.

Perhaps I will get a new tattoo here, representing what I love.

Can't wait to surf Cloud 9

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