Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Dépaysagement: phase alpha initiée

Detroit airport. Looking for my gate to my connecting flight towards Tokyo.

Found it.

Neo-style whoa...

There must be 200 people here, and 90% of them are asian.

Sweet! (Also, d'uh)

Waiting to board, I scan the crowd. I don't get why people say asians all look the same. Their faces are full of character!

Overwhelming tablets and smartphones are being used.

Some insanely cute japanese kid is playing Jetpack Joyride.

Now, the tourists.

2 dudes that look like professional stoners are laughing it up.

The quintessential american is sitting next to me.
Faded blue cap of some college football team. Gray shirt, khaki shorts, old white Nike shoes. Freshly shaved. He's making deals on the phone - for realz.

Pretty sure I just spotted Tony Stark too.

Tokyo airport. Pretty awesome. What you expect of the japanese: uber clean, efficient, polite. There's smoking rooms, kids rooms, toy stores, a LOT o perfume being sold. Also, "day rooms" where you can shower and nap. Didn't have time to check it out though.

In the plane to Manila my seat neighbor is a 59-year young man named Soung. He sees my passeport and tells me I'm the first canadian he sees in 40 years.
Canadian demographic questions ensue.

Manila airport seems decades behind in contrast (but then again, so does any airport). A little bit chaotic. There's signs that tell people to form proper lines or risk bringing shame upon themselves. The staff and pretty much everyone is SUPER friendly, maybe because I'm white.

When I go to the toilets there's always 2 staff members that come in with me and hand me paper towels.

And then they murmur "tip tip?". To which I respectfully decline.

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