Thursday, 6 November 2014

Pictures! Yay!

I don't always get a fancy $7 hotel room with its own laptop, but when I do, I share my GoPro pictures.

Considering I'm shooting blindly I'm pretty happy with the results.

(Some are not in chronological order, deal with it)


 Ha Long Bay

 Dark Cave ziplining, Phong Nha

 Pu Mat National Park

 Skippin' rocks

 Forbidden City intruder

 Forbidden City

 Pour Jocelyn, ils jouent au Loup Garou en Chine!

 Mocha, Ping Yao

 Not this time, Dr. Tail


 Yamen Hostel, Ping Yao

Petite princesse, Xi'An 

Lovers Locks, Hua Shan 

 I heard the pay's good

 Two days of this

Hua Shan 

Sky Planks, Hua Shan

 Yo, I heard you like locks, so

 Top bunk of sleeper train, China

 Tiger Leaping Gorge, China

I like how they're ALL looking 

 I seem to have grown manteets on this one

                                          Right after she kicked the ball right in my face

                                         All he could say in English was "Oooo-Kaaaay"
It ain't no party like a GoPro party!  

 Ha Long Bay

One of the islands of Ha Long Bay 

Brixton hat in Vietnam, Saint-Henri represent! 

Leaving Hanoi with the biking partners, nice German people that I actually met on Hua Shan a month before. We ran into each other while buying our motorbikes.

 Hoa Lu boat ride, yes, she is paddling with her feet

 I hope I do not wake the anger of ze german with this picture. Sorry Phil

 Small inconvenience, Ninh Binh

 "So you press here and"

 Sam Son beach

 After a small incident. Villagers helping Phil by chewing leaves to make a healing paste. It worked.

 Little break

Longer break 

 Quite the cheeky one, she was

 Pu Mat National Park

Ho Chi Minh Trail 

 Dark Cave

Dark Cave

Don't wear shoes.

 Mud Cave

The gym at Easy Tiger Hostel 

 The prettiest place I have ever seen, Ho Chi Minh trail


Still breathing, Khe Sanh

 Pour Phil D.

 New break line for $4, in 20 minutes

The shop, Vietnam

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