Thursday, 13 June 2013

More Don Det Pondering

Landscaping has really been kicking my ass.
Also, when it rains, I don't want to trek to Twigs, the little coffee place where I write most of my stuff, so the blog gets updated less often.

I'm doing an effort (really just killing time while Skyrim downloads) to have at least one update this week.

This last entry was written after 2 awesome weeks with an awesome girl and my moods were not very bright. Saying good-bye is not my thing.

Back to Atheists

The new energy displayed by atheists online has really become hypocritical. You spend so much time and effort to debate something you deny the existence of, to convince a believer that his faith his foolish... you become a fucking missionary of your non-faith.

You're doing what you blame them for: impose your beliefs onto someone else's.

By giving so much attention to the inexistence of God, you make him real.

You are just like the religious zealots that you claim to hate.

You don't believe in God?

Just don't talk about it, then.

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