Saturday, 24 November 2012

Koh Tao day 2

Waking up in Koh Tao at 8am instead of 6 told me I was finally getting out of my workshop-shift lifestyle from back home.

A swish of warm water from my bottle of water, and a flashback from last night... Marc took me one block out of the main street -pretty much in the jungle - where we listened to the loudest bullfrog concert ever witnessed by humans.

I decide to walk a little bit instead of eating breakfast at my hotel, and come accross a litke french bakery, with wi-fi, espensive poutine, and Anthony chilling.

A little check-up on facebook, messagrs from my worried parents warning me about High Bar.

After the breakfast I cross the street to the bamboo tattoo place and talk about what I am looking for as my next ink. Two heavily-tattooes brothers work the shop and their sister works the reception, with her joyful kid and a sweet pitbull greeting us.

After we decide on the subject, the style and the place, she tells me that the brother to tattoo me is not present so she asks me to come back the next day, not too early. I play with the kid a little bit and take my leave.

Me and Anthony decide to go snorkeling by ourselves near our beach. Crabs walk the rocks, sea cucumbers populate the seafloor, and small fish abound.

We saw some cool ones though, a school of maybe 20 blue and yellow fish eating frantically. I also spotted a hermit crab as big as a pineapple and managed to get some cool pictures with Anthony's underwater camera.

After maybe 30 minutes of swimming and diving I got pretty tired and climbed on a rock to rest. Climbing down I sled and cut the bottom of my foot on a shell or coral.

I walked back to our resort and asked the dive shop for their first-aid kit. I cleaned the cut thoroughly, applied some polysporin, put some plasters on the cut and taped everything with some ribbons I brought exaclty for that.

Going back to my room I meet Rachel, an adopted chinese girl that grew up on Rhode Island. She's 29, been traveling for 2 years, and knows all the tricks. We share a meal and chat.

She later leaves for High Bar and I join my gang, they are all tired from their dives. We write a song on the ukulele while laughin our asses off and all go back to bed.

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  1. plus de détails svp sur la conversation avec la Chinese girl ... 2 ans de voyage must be full of anecdotes